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Peace+ has earned a glowing reputation for its agility and flexibility. For its excellence in providing customized facility services in the institutional, commercial and industrial building markets. For its ability to modify services to comply with the most stringent norms and requirements in the most demanding environments – in both the United States and Canada.

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We manage over 30 million sq. ft.

in the United States and Canada.

Janitorial services

Peace+ is synonymous with expertise, our partnership mindset, reliability and operational excellence.

Because we custom design and implement the best, most efficient process for your organization and industry.

  • Short or long-term service
  • Capacity to manage multi-million sq ft projects (and always there for the little guy too)
  • Over 200 years of combined expertise in commercial, institutional and industrial facility services
  • Commitment to respecting the industry’s highest standards in janitorial and disinfection services
  • Community and environmental sustainability
  • Green cleaning
  • Thorough knowledge of industry norms in all sectors, hospitals and labs.
  • Comfort and enjoyment of occupants always top of mind
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Client services

We are all about streamlining your janitorial operations. Our team will leverage its vast expertise to design a highly customized process adapted specifically to your building and how it is used.

  • Assessment and recommendations
  • Compliance with sanitation requirements
  • Janitorial strategies
  • Process optimization and allocation of resources
  • Analysis of technical requirements and optimization recommendations
  • Community and environmental sustainability
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Specialty services

Peace+ has in-depth knowledge of the specific norms and requirements of every industry we serve – including the most rigorous, such as universities, laboratories, aseptic environments and high-traffic facilities.

  • Solutions adapted to your infrastructures and operational requirements
  • Capacity to manage even the most sensitive environments
  • 24/7 on-call and emergency services
  • Customized solutions
  • On-site team support
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Commercial, office, multipurpose, residential and student residences

Whether for work, coworking, meetings, recreation, living or shopping, we create a positive experience for your tenants and guests by making your building a place they want to be. Since 1983.


Your teams work hard. And so do ours. They are behind the scenes providing them with a clean, safe environment. We have the knowhow, products and equipment to get to the nitty gritty of a manufacturing facility, data center, warehouse, etc. Since 2002.

Hospitality, tourism and events

For your clients, it is all about the guest experience you offer. They want to unwind, socialize, immerse themselves and rest in a comfortable, impeccably clean space. And we are here to make even the most demanding guest happy. Since 1989.


Heavy traffic environments with round-the-clock operations and strict security and health measures come with their own set of issues. We have the specialized teams trained for your unique context. Since 1990.


Versatility is important when it comes to janitorial services for educational institutions with multi-purpose buildings that may have a gymnasium, pool, arena, auditorium, classrooms, study halls, libraries, student residence, etc. And we are definitely versatile. Since 1999.

Healthcare and laboratories

Operating rooms, clean rooms, labs, R&D facilities, and controlled manufacturing environments require immaculate service to avoid compromising your important work. We have the knowhow, products and equipment needed to comply with the highest industry standards. Since 2001.

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